Digital Rebranding Made Easy

One of our clients, a specialty pharmacy called MedPro Rx, was recently acquired; this turn of events meant that the site we had just launched in May needed an image overhaul in a hurry. Digital rebranding can be an immense task; when a new parent company has their own brand standards, it can throw a wrench in the gears of your carefully crafted site. Luckily for us, this rebranding was a breeze!  What made it so simple?

  • Minor edits. The parent company loved the site’s modern clean design, so all we had to change were the brand colors and logo. We also had to edit the customized images featuring screenshots with the old logo & colors.
  • The corporate owner provided clear and accessible branding guidelines. As designers we cannot recommend this enough! Having standards helps your clients recognize and develop a rapport with your brand. For us, guidelines made it a snap to find new colors within the corporate owner’s color palette as well as their preferred font and font hierarchy.
  • Custom CSS. Because the site was designed from scratch using Woo Themes Canvas, the vast majority of the styling was in the Custom CSS file, making it simple to search and replace various colors or fonts.

Are you thinking about rebranding your digital presence? Feel free to ask us about developing brand guidelines for your organization’s look and feel. You can work with a graphic designer, marketing specialist, or web designer to nail down the colors, fonts, and other style elements associated with your brand. When you’re ready to present your new look to your audience, the web is the best place. Good luck!

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