Herman’s House

Herman’s House is an artistic social justice project that galvanizes people to consider the implications of incarceration, and particularly solitary confinement, in our society. It was important that the website be an extension of the project’s creativity, so we implemented an easily customizable image slider to allow the artist to manipulate the site’s dominate visuals; namely,¬†photos from the artists’ installations and photos from the life of Herman Wallace, the project’s inspiration. The site also facilitates communication with the Herman’s House activist community, individuals and organizations that are fighting against mass incarceration and solitary confinement. A series of prominent widget areas feature online petitions, related non-profits, and opportunities to donate. We also helped them launch a crowd funding campaign hosted right on the site using the Ignition Deck plugin, which avoids the costs of similar externally hosted programs (i.e., Kickstarter & Indegogo).