Mobile Sites Should Never Cost Extra! Here’s Why

Have you ever noticed that some websites work great on your mobile phone, and some, well, don’t. What makes the difference? Responsive Design.

3 Reasons why should designers use Responsive Design

  1. It’s absolutely necessary. In 2014, Internet access from mobile devices surpassed access from desktop computers. To maximize viewers, your website should always work on mobile devices.
  2. It’s easy for designers. Bootstrap is a mobile-ready design layout, developed by Twitter, that is applicable to any CSS-based programming language. The easy to use HTML formatting is a breeze to incorporate into your existing platform.
  3. It’s economical for clients.  By programming using Responsive Design, it eliminates the need for additional hours spent on mobile-only style sheets. This saves designers time and clients money. So if your designer is charging extra for a mobile layout, they’re not using the latest tools, and you are paying for their learning curve.

Mobile-friendly design is central to our business, and we’d never charge extra for a mobile-friendly layout.

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