Our Story

Let’s Hatch Media was founded in 2012 by Sebastian and Emily Rey. Both were transitioning out of old careers and wanted to use their diverse skills to increase the accessibility of online information.

In the beginning, Hatch primarily
worked with GRAPHIC DESIGNERS to:

  • Build out their custom designs
  • Find web-based solutions to improve site functionalities, and
  • Translate their layouts for mobile devices.

Soon we were getting web design requests from friends and associates- mostly in the non-profit and start-up sectors.  We started making CUSTOM DESIGN, including budget-friendly options for smaller organizations. As a small company ourselves, we know that balancing quality and price is key in building your business.

The combination of Sebastian’s technical expertise and Emily’s research skills have been a boon for our clients.  Together, we’ve developed the guiding principles of our designs

  • Unity of form and function

    You have to balance the pretty and the practical to have a website that is both visually engaging and user friendly

  • Websites are processes, not products.

    Good sites contain elements that are dynamic and regularly updated. you can capture your audience and multiply your message. Combining web tools with smart user interface and clean design, we will create the perfect tool to meet your needs.

  • Mobile design comes first.

    People are using increasingly mobile devices to access the web, for research, shopping, and more. You should never pay extra to make sure your design looks great on mobile devices.


Learn More About Us

You can learn more about Emily and Sebastian Rey by checking out their bios here.

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